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Siemens Introduces Laptop Ultrasound System


The Siemens Acuson P50 is a new laptop-based 4d scan ultrasound system with integrated echocardiography software. The system is designed for mobile applications in cardiology, musculoskeletal and vascular imaging, as well as in the operating theatre and anaesthesiology departments.



The P50 offers ultrasound, with a complete range of transducers, communications and computer functionality, such as office software and Internet access, in one mobile system.


The system provides superb image resolution in B mode and in colour 4d scan mode. It also includes an integrated stress echo function.


It can run several cardiology application packages including Siemens' syngo Vector Imaging and syngo Arterial Health Package, which can be used to determine a patientís vascular age. Together with syngo Auto Left Heart, these applications simplify and accelerates the workflow in echocardiography, 4d scan and vascular diagnosis.


Siemens also recently introduced its Acuson P10 handheld ultrasound device. The P10 weighs 700gm and fits easily into a lab coat pocket. It is intended for complementary initial diagnostic care and triage, particularly in emergency care, 4d scans obstetrics and cardiology.


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