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What is a 4d scan?

3D scans are still pictures of the baby, whereas 4D scans are moving 3D images.  These videos show the outside of your unborn baby in amazing detail and are a world apart from the traditional black & white 2D ultrasound images most people are familiar with.

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Portable 4d scan?

The Siemens Acuson P50 is a new laptop-based 4d scan ultrasound system with integrated echocardiography software. The system is designed for mobile applications in cardiology, musculoskeletal and vascular imaging, as well as in the operating theatre and anaesthesiology departments.

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How much does a 4d scan cost?

At the time of writing, the cost varies between £90-£200 depending upon the package selected.  Please visit the service providers own websites to obtain current prices (you’ll find links within our directory).

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Pregnant man shows his ultrasound scan!

A pregnant man who used to be a woman has shown Oprah Winfrey the images from his 4d ultrasound scan, proving that his pregnancy is not a hoax.

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Where can I get a 4d scan?

You can find your nearest service provider within our directory, simply click the ‘find a scan centre’ link within the main menu at the top of the page.

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4d scan thumbs up

Marie Boswell expected to get the latest information about the status of her unborn child from her physician. In a rare ultrasound picture showing her baby giving her a thumbs up, she got a progress report from the baby boy himself. Read more


What technology is involved?

These scans use exactly the same technology as traditional 2D ultrasound scans but rather than taking a single image, they comprise multiple images processed very quickly in a powerful computer to create the 3D image.

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Babyscan introduces online booking

Babyscan has introduced an online booking tool which allows mothers-to-be to easily identify the optimum time for them to book a 3d scan or 4d scan.

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